Sunday, June 21, 2009

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It happens to everyone at some point in time. You have a great idea for a blog, on a new niche topic. You create the blog; you post interesting and creative posts to it each day, and then nothing. You post your brilliant and original thoughts for everyone online to read, but no one is coming around to read your blog. And, because no one can find your blog to read it, you are not generating any links or improvement in your search engine rankings either. What is a blogger to do?

Promoting your blog is essential to its success. You need to promote your blog so that you become recognized as an expert in your chosen niche and can monetize your blog. However, you also want to promote your blog to increase the traffic to your site, reach a new reading audience, and most importantly to create as many inbound links as possible. Creating inbound links ensures that your website rankings and search engine optimization efforts pay off for you in the biggest ways possible. You want to promote your blog to as many people in your niche market as you possibly can. And, you want to do it as often as you possibly can.

Some people believe that the best way to promote a blog is through comments on other popular blogs with a link to your own blog, comments on UseNet or other Internet message boards or forums, posting press releases and articles, etc.. However, the easiest and most time efficient way to promote your blog is through RSS feed and blog submissions to directories hands down.

The issue with using a manual feed submitter, or using an individual RSS submitter, is that it is very time consuming to deal with on a consistent basis. Most bloggers want to write their posts and be done with their work for the day. They do not want to spend a half-hour writing a post and then three more hours trying to submit their RSS feed and content to directories in hopes of bringing in some readers and sneaking up their search engine rankings. The good news is that today programmers have developed some great semi-automatic RSS feed submit tools which you can now choose from to help submit your RSS feed and blog to directories without it being so time consuming.

Feed submitter software programs allow you to simultaneously submit your blog and RSS feeds to literally thousands of directories, and to do it all with only a couple quick clicks of your mouse. Setting up the RSS feed submission software is simple to do and the submission process takes very little time to complete. Using RSS feed submitters is much easier and quicker than attempting manual RSS submits.

If you are a blogger interested in publishing RSS feeds, XML feeds, and getting your feed out into the RSS databases of the world, I would highly suggest that you check out some of the amazing new RSS software tools available to you today on the market. Choose a tool that is easy to use and one which will allow you to reach the maximum amount of directories possible for the least amount of work.

Writing your blog posts should be the hardest part of blogging, not trying to get noticed and dealing with SEO. Thankfully, the advent of semi-automatic feed submitters allows you to spend your time doing your writing and not dealing as much with promotion.

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